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Something NOT to do in my tumbler any more !!

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Switched out the Tumbling Media from Walnut Shell with Rouge to Plain Walnut shell. WHAT A MESS !! The red dust was CAKED in the bottom and along the side of the Bin. Had to Scrape and use a Metal wheel to get it out. I think tumbling Sized brass to remove the Sizing lube is what caused it. From now on will clean the brass in either Water/dish detergent or spray down with brake cleaner. Then will dry them before trimming.
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Warm water, vinegar a bit of dawn dish soap, put in the dryer box 20 minutes and done..
ob, I have heard others mention Dawn dish soap. Is Dawn any better than the others? Or was that just what you have on hand.
It's not just for dishes anymore !! Thats what the commercial says. I use it for cleaning my hands of grease and paint, anything really. Check this out:
I will get some and see if it is as good as hyped.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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