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Something NOT to do in my tumbler any more !!

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Switched out the Tumbling Media from Walnut Shell with Rouge to Plain Walnut shell. WHAT A MESS !! The red dust was CAKED in the bottom and along the side of the Bin. Had to Scrape and use a Metal wheel to get it out. I think tumbling Sized brass to remove the Sizing lube is what caused it. From now on will clean the brass in either Water/dish detergent or spray down with brake cleaner. Then will dry them before trimming.
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I will make a note of this SW thanks for the tip,The day we stop learning is the day we stop breathing
Thats what I call EXPERIENCE ...... Experience has just made MORE mistakes .......... :D
Didnt add nuttin ...... tumbled about 50 .38 super cases and they came out FINE.. Have some fine brown dust now ....... :rolleyes:
It's not just for dishes anymore !! Thats what the commercial says. I use it for cleaning my hands of grease and paint, anything really. Check this out:
Mixed up a cup of warm water, Half cup of vinegar, and 2 squirts of Dawn. Did a test batch of .38 Super in the sonic Mo-shene. Inside of the cases were clean. Primer pockets NOT so much. Put the 25 cases in the toaster oven @ 200 deg. for 10 minutes. THEY CAME OUT DISCOLORED ...... :(

Cleaned another 25 case batch but before putting in the Sonic I cleaned the primer pockets. Again inside of cases were clean. The solution was a dark brown color with stuff in the bottom. This time I only left em in the oven for 4 minutes @ 150 ...... MO BETTER.

oldbrass ..... how do you wash your cases to get the primer pockets clean ??
After the brass sat and cooled off I rechecked the first batch of cases. ITS MAGIC ... all but 3 are CLEAN. I had looked at some as they came out of the sonic cleaner and they looked still dirty. But after dryin look pretty darn good. Not as spiffy as the ones I cleaned before washing but GOOD ENOUGH.
SWO1 I ream all my primer pockets, just a few twists gets any crud out.I don`t use a sonic machine anymore since it died after only 6 months. I use a plastic bowl and slosh them by hand a few minutes then let them soak about 10 minutes and rinse real good. As for drying I found my homemade dryer box and $4 goodwill heater works best, warm circulating air really does it...
oldbrass .... I never let a good man's great ideas go to waste. I built me a dryer box (looking at yours) and have a small heater/fan. I mixed up another batch of solution ( used a little more dawn this time). Put it in a coffee can and shook up for a while. Now letting them soak. I had about 20 .38 spcl and 8 30--06 cases that hadnt been tumbled. Hope they turn out good as yours ...... :)
Dried the washed brass in the dryer box. Worked Great. The 06 brass came out with the primer pockets clean. The .38 not so much. I hit each one with the reamer for good measure.

Last day or so have ALL kinds of brass clean and spiffy. Now what am I going to do with it ..... any ideas :confused:


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Range report might be in order. tomorrow my niece and her boyfriend are coming over to shoot on my range. dont know if I will shoot or not ..... will see
So does this mean your niece is shooting her boyfriend ??
After seeing her shoot the AR and SKS ....... he is safe ..... LOL. My brother-in-law came with them and sighted in his Remington Pump .270 @ 100 yards. He is good to go for next Saturday, opening day for deer.

Zack, my nieces boyfriend could not get his High $$ AR on paper. He has a Mag Pul rear sight on the rear rail and standard post in the front. I had him move up to 10 yards and he was WAYYYYYY LOW. He adjusted the rear as far as it would go, so he said, and still was 8" low. He said he guessed he was going to have to get either a red dot or other optic for it. Well for one thing he didnt know how to adjust the sights at all. He was flipping the double apature to the lowest one and thought that was it. showed him the screw on the side marked "UP and DOWN" .. :rolleyes: After that he was moving it a couple clicks at a time and the groups were barley moving. I said in my best Old Gunny voice .....GIVE ME THAT THING .... Cranked on a Whole bunch of clicks and it then shot about 1.5" low. At this time we were at 25 yards and explained to him about trajectory and click values. Another 12 clicks and it was MAXED OUT. Groups still about .75" low. Now i says time to adjust the front Post. Again he was clueless about it. showed him how to do that and with 5 clinks down on the post he was OK.

His SKS had the same problem. It has the sliding ladder leaf sight adjustable ..... so it says...100 to 500 I think. Again the front post is just a big screw. Now he knows it is just like the AR. Move the front post DOWN to bring the groups up. I liked it better than the AR. We shot up about 200 rounds thru the 3 rifles. He left happy with groups Minute of anything offhand 50-100 yards.
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