Sorting .22 ammo for Consistancy

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    After shooting 10 different Brands and Flavors I decided to Sort Federal Auto Match. From a brick of 325 I counted out 100 and weighted them. Results: 15 - .117 oz
    69 - .118
    16 - .119

    Is this the reason I can shoot a 5 shoot group with 3 tight and 2 tight but as much as .25-.35" at a different POI ??

    I then pulled out all 10 Brands/flavors. I counted out 25 of each and Results:

    Aquila Standard - My bullseye pistols like these. Rifle also shoots them pretty good. Groups are good. Weighed mostly .118 with a few .117

    Aquila Super Extra - Rifle shoots em Great. Weighed .116, all of em.

    Eley Tenex Pistol Match - Shoot tight. Weighed .117, all of em.

    Eley Edge - Great Groups - Weighed almost all .117 with 1 at .118

    CCI Standard Velocity - Another good grouped out of my rifle. Weighed .117 with a few .118

    CCI Blazer - I would say shoots next level down from the above, still good. Weighed .117 and a few .118

    Remington Sub Sonic - About same as Blazer, maybe a little better. Weighed .112 a few .111

    Thunderbolts - Weights all over the place, .116 to .120

    Lightning - Weighed .119 with about 1/3 at .120

    Federal Hi-Power - I got these from my father-in-law. How Old .... price tag on them is $1.24. All weighed .120

    All bullets were 40gr lead Round nose, with the exception of the Rem Subs, 40gr lead HPs.

    These all shot thru a Savage MK II Heavy barrel off the bench at 25 and 50 yards.

    I also have some CCI Tactical and Rem Golden bullets. They are plated bullets and don't do well. I didn't weigh them.

    From these results confirms the BEST SHOOTING rounds are consistant in weight. My gun seems to like the .117 best. I will take the 100 rounds of sorted Auto match and shoot them separate and see if I can get rid of the flyers in groups. I have about 3,000 rd of it and would like to be able to use it for matches.
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    Good info. Thanks.

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    Next up in the sorting of .22 ammo will be "Rim Thickness" Sorting by weight yielded a "Very Small" difference in consistency but it was there. From what I have read Rim thickness has a larger bearing than weight. So next I will take my best shooting ammo in My gun (Savage Mark II) and perform this test. I may also do a weight sorting of like Rim thickness, but for now just mic the rims and see what I come up with. I will use the Aquila Super Extra with 40 gr lead round nose and the Eley Edge as they seem to perform about the same, again in MY gun. I will start at 25 yards and then with the same lots move back to 50 yards.

    The gun is a stock Sav MK II with bull barrel on a Composite stock. I have modified the stock by adding a fore end plate, and flat plate for the butt. Pillar bedded the receiver. Also added the Apacee trigger kit and it breaks at 14 OZ. I filled the butt with expanding foam and added 1.2 lbs of weight. The gun balances almost exactly over the Mag well. Total weight with the scope is a little over 9 lbs. The barrel is free floated well as I can slide a thick piece of cart stock all the way to the receiver without any snags. I shoot with a BSA Platinum 36X target scope with fine cross hairs and target dot.

    Biggest problem is with the cheek weld as after adding a raised cheek piece still have to have extra padding on top to maintain a constant sight picture. Also my Specific Tremor does some what affect my shooting. I can still hold the Scope Dot inside the .100" 10 ring at 25 and 50 yards but there is some wobble. Some days are better than others. But I have to work with my limitations. I have started on a new medicine for the Tremor but still in the process of finding the right dosage. Im in my second month of this with my doctor and so far it has improved but will take a while to arrive at the correct dosage for me, maybe another 2-3 months.
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    I hate feeling like a guinea pig, or an old chevy. That's what I feel like when they say "try this and we'll see how it works!" Lol. Sounds like you are taking all reasons for a bar shot, except the truth, ya know. Good luck on your meds Mon!