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    Don't have White Siding on your house ...... :( We take a long brush and with Bleach Water scrub it down from top to bottom, Twice a year. In the Spring and in the Fall.
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    I was in the lawn care business years ago. My dad's next door neighbor and my dad both had me do a complete kill and replant, aerate and fertilize job. Their lawns came out like a golf course lawn.

    The second year the neighbor's lawn began to die out and he wanted me to re do it for free. I told him to water it a lot, more than usual and if it came back I would tell him how to fix it permanently.

    He did, it did, and I did.

    His new white siding had hot sun on it for all the hours the sun shined. The side with the bad grass faced west. The white siding reflected hot sunlight down on the lawn. The peak of the roof was my clue about why the grass died...the dead area was really just dormant from the heat and the shape of the dormant area was shaped like the end of the house.

    I told him he could either paint the white siding, or replace it with a gray or medium brown colored siding, or build a trellis and let it get grown over with ivy or some spreading plant.

    He re-sided (or painted...I do not know which) with a darker tan or light brown. That ended his dead lawn problem. I did reseed with with a dark fescue seed that does not need fertilizer more than once a year and he never had problems again.

    Then the neighbor's zoysia on the other side of dad's creeped in...and that's when the fight started.
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    I have cream colored vinyl siding and I do clean it about once a year. The back faces north and it gets the most green scum algae stuff.
    I have to say I haven't had to repaint the house in 13 years of having the siding. Washing down the siding is much easier and cheaper than having to scrap and paint every few years.
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    So hombre243, what is your opinion of zoysia?
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    If your climate can keep it healthy, it is great. In northern climes it is a short season grass in the places where winter is harsh, and is easily invaded after a few years. It is green, thick and lush, kinda like my ex wife, most of the season but if it doesn't get a lot of sunlight and goes dormant.

    I like the way it is started in a lawn...with plugs. It does need a good deep raking every few years to make sure it doesn't clog up.

    I prefer Bluegrass/Dark Fescue/and Rye mix. When one type isn't comfortable, the others will fill in. The fescues are touchy. Nitrogen more than once a year can kill it.

    Here is a good link for Zoysia.

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    This house has had white vinyl siding since the 70s and it's never been washed,looks ok to me. :confused:
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    we have off white siding, scrub it with warm water and simple green