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Speer bullet warning on lee dies

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Lookin at the little cheat sheets that come with LEE die sets there`s a warning at the bottom that sais Speer doesn`t reccomend LEE dies...I snooped a bit and RCBS owns speer or vice-versa probley a marketing squabble..Just shootin the campfire bull here but has anyone had a problem loading speer with LEE dies ?
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Saw that many years ago, can't remember what it was all about. I use Speer 30-30, 444 & 44mag bullets with Lee dies. No problem.
I found this old quote from another forum.......

Speer never made such a broad recommendation. Speer’s recommendation is: Do not apply a crimp to any bullet that does not have a crimp groove. The die company in question markets a die to produce a “factory crimp” and recommends it be used on any bullet. Speer’s tests, and those by another bullet maker and an independent gun writer, show that crimping a bullet that doesn’t have a crimp groove degrades group size by an average of 40 percent. Other than the crimp die, we have no problem with our bullets in that firm’s dies, although our preference is for RCBS® products.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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