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    I would like to see pics and related details on the type of spotting scopes everyone uses at the gun range...

    This is my Winchester 15-45x60mm (WT-6) spotting scope that I bought quite a few years ago for $99 out the door at a gun show in Pennsylvania...


    • Aluminum body with green rubber armor cover
    • Soft-side carrying bag (black with gray trim)
    • Tabletop tripod
    • 2 way pan head with quick shoe
    • Maximum height 15.25 inches
    • Hard-side carrying case featuring:
    • Heavy-duty black body panels
    • No-mar rubber feet
    • Removable & adjustable shoulder strap
    • Lockable latches
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    Thats the ticket,my Bushnell binoculars don't quite get it.

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    i've got an older Bushnell Sportview 20-60 power. i have had it for several years and received it as a safety award from a company i worked for. it's not the best and i plan on in the near future to upgrade to a better scope. been looking, just haven't decided which one i will get yet. any suggestions will be appreciated.