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Well it's that time. Got to get things around the place cleaned up, put up, thrown out, ect. How do we accumilate all this STUFF..?? Since getting rid of my burn pile for the pistol range I have to start a new one. Will go up the hill and start today, tomorrow. When ya live in the country you haul metal to the recycling site....GET MONEY...:) What's burnable ya do it yourself. There is no disposal site or land fill, dump site within 50 miles of here. Besides that costs ya money....:( What looks reusuale I donate to various charity yard sales and thrift shops. It piles up fast.

Started on the garden shed this morning at 0730. 10X16' with a loft. This could take a while......:eek: Lot of stuff been in the loft for years....It's HISTORY...:p Probley have some Pre-Historic seeds of long extinct plants and veggies. One package is of a 100' fern tree with a dino munching on it....LOL. Coffee break is over....Back to work....
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