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    this has got to be one of my favorites! my SA XDm-40. this pistol shoots amazingly accurate and for a 40, very smooth. one of the smoothest 40 calibers i have ever owned. i bought this last year, very lightly used, less than 100 rounds through it. for $475 + tax.

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    Never fired an XD yet...looks nice tho !!

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    when i was looking to replace a Walther P99QA in 40 i had traded a while back, i was looking at buying a full size glock in 40, but my gun dealer showed this one to me and showed me some of the differences, then gave me a really good price on it, so it and the Ruger Mark III 22/45 target pistol followed me home one saturday! wonder how that happens?

    if you ever get the chance to, go for it. the XDm is an upgraded XD. the slide has a little slimmer profile at the top, the barrel is a match grade barrel. and it has interchangeable backstraps to fit different sized hands. it is an awesome pistol!
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    My New Springfield Armory Micro Compact Loaded 45acp

    well i have been trying for the last month to go and pick up my new pistol, and always something has come up. so this morning, i went and finally picked it up. well it's a beauty! i shot about 20 rounds through it, and it has a little more recoil than a full size 1911, but nothing too bad. i'll post some pictures later tonight when i get home from work.
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    :D That SA XDm-40 is very nice. Case, 4 mags, multiple back straps, holster, mag. pouch. Everything anyone could want. Very nice package. All at a very attractive price. Nice find.
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    thanks, grey. i do really enjoy shooting this pistol. it is one of the better 40 caliber pistols i have ever shot or owned. the Walther P99QA that this one replaced, was a very nice shooting pistol, but this one is much better. it just feels so comfortable in my hand and is one of the easier to control the snappy 40 caliber recoil. it came with three mags, and i bought another to go with them.