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Starting Reloading

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I was sent a private message asking for a basic reloading tutorial.

I figured it would be best to see how you guys got started.
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my suggestions for someone wanting to venture into reloading is this. go buy the book, "The ABC's of Reloading" first, usually found at for less than $15 or so. excellent book. then read it several times. covers the fundamentals and basics, safety procedures, picking out equipment and setting it up. another good book i like to suggest is Richard Lee's, "Lee's Modern Reloading". not only a good load data book, but lots of information on the history of reloading and the basic procedures. read it also several times and then reread both several more times, before ever buying one item for reloading.

another thing that needs to be stressed, and i cannot stress it strongly enough is safety. reloading can be very relaxing and enjoyable and safe, as long as you adhere to all safety procedures. if you don't follow safety procedures, you risk your well being and even your life. i cannot stress this enough. it is not an area to try out things not tested. follow the guidelines set forth in the books. also use as up to date as possible for your load data books.
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