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Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by tango6, May 28, 2017.

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    I have had a Marlin 922M for several years. Great shooter. Just not 100% reliable due to magazine issues, I think.
    Recently, it is failing to extract the spent shell out of the chamber. I have deligently cleaned it, had a gunsmith clean it twice and still failure to extract. I have to use a small knife blade to PRY the casing out. I have tried 3 different brands of ammo. Still, no luck.
    Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
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    Thank you for your service...

    Is this always the case with the same brand of ammo ?...and have you tried different brands.

    Has anybody looked at the extractor...!?

    FTE ( Failure To Extract ) is usually caused by that part...not the "clip" ( that's right, I said CLIP ) it is feeding the round into the chamber OK ( correct ?).

    .22 Magnum is a high pressure round, and the case does sometimes swell after firing...and depending on whether it's a LRN ( Lead Round Nose ) or FMJ...the breach could be getting fouled a lot faster, adding to your problem of FTE.

    Just a few thoughts...

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    When you pry it out with a knife, does it come out easy? Or do you almost have to force it? If normal / easy, maybe the extractors are worn and just wont grab the rim and hold on enough
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    I have tried CCI, Armscor, and Winchester white box. Same o same o. I failed to mention, the gunsmith did put in a new extractor spring. I have owned this gun for 10+ years and always shot cci Hp or soft points. Over the years, I have experienced maybe 10 failure to extract or failure to eject. This FTEX just started about a month ago Some cases were so hard to remove that I would use a pair of needle nose pliers to get a hold of the case.
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    see my reply to shooter. They come out hard.
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    My Model 60 has a problem with the bolt if the stock and receiver are not in a certain position