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Oil + Heat + pressure = GLUE...
Simple physics...Marlins run best after you oil it, wipe it down, let the rest air-dry, then reassemble it.

Usually need cleaning like AR-15's...meaning, after every range visit/500-rds, clean the action & pipe-cleaner/q-tip the chamber...
if in a dry area...about every 2.5K+ rounds, clean the barrel..if in Humid...same as the action...
ONE DROP of oil, applied with a fingertip all over the action...then ONE DROP applied by fingertip all over the bolt & inner action housing...
LET AIR DRY, then re-assemble...that's all they ever need :)

Do Not overtighten the stock/action bolts...too tight an it'll bind the action...too loose and it'll change POI...
so find the happy medium ;)
Tighten until the bolt starts to stick lightly, then release in 1/4 turns until it racks free again without the action moving in the stock :)

(that's also why I pillar bed all my rifles...snug & ignore ;) gives you the same action/stock weld every time, which means better precision)
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