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Hi... is my blog, so I appreciate the link and it was definitely a fun stock to install and shoot. If you're interested in seeing it, there is a follow-up post on how the Tactical Rifle Conversion Kit (TRCK) worked out - CQB Varmint Terminator - TRCK Review

The bottom line on this stock, however, is avoid it if you are looking for an accurate, reliable weapon. I wanted a lighter stock than the original with shorter LOP so my 6-year old could shoot it easily. I achieved both of those, but the trigger mechanism (for lack of a better word) sucks. I experience failures to fire at least once every magazine now (after a few hundred rounds through it). Therefore, I spend a lot more time clearing the weapon than I spend shooting it. Bleh. Loading the tube is also more painful/time consuming than I would expect for something that is supposed to be "tactical". It certainly isn't a sub 5-second mag change like you'd expect with an AR.
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