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i bought my 10 year old son a Marlin 60 for Christmas this year. after figuring out that it likes to run spraying oil out of the action wet, he loves it, but the stock is a little on the long side for him. i do not have a problem cutting a stock, to make it fit a person. i had to do it to my Remington 700, and i am 6'2"! who they make that for, i do not know. anyway, since this stock has no scratches on it, and he will certainly grow more, i would like to buy another stock, to cut down. will all model 60 stocks fit the rifle he has? Marlin has been making this rifle a LONG time, and i am sure they have made at least one change somewhere along the line. also, are the Glenfield stocks the same?
I know this wasn't your question, but something is off there. Model 60's are known to want to run very dry. Most of us just use a drop or two of oil on a Q-tip on the bolt and maybe a couple of other sliding parts of the action. Any more than that and the gun will begin to build up some nasty stuff with use. Many even use only Dry Lubes. Maybe it's just because the action is brand new, or maybe there is some paint overspray that could be removed, but I've never heard of one liking to be that wet before. Just my 2 cents.
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