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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by Sparks55, Feb 25, 2013.

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    Recently I bought a used Glenfield model 30. The stock has been refinished in something gross and shiny (probably for weather resistance) and I want to refinish the stock. My Father had a furniture restoration business for years and I have the tools to refinish wood, but need advice on what to expect as I remove the grip and stock from the rifle. Any words of wisdom from the forum?
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    I will defer to the masters here...who will no doubt be along shortly.

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    Removing the butt stock is pretty straight forward....just one bolt in the tang. The forearm is a little trickier. IIRC the model 30 has a fore end cap versus the band. The mag tube will have to be removed to take the cap off and get to the wood. It is not a difficult process just be mindful to hang on to the tube plug and spring to prevent it from flying across the room. Once you have that done the cap and wood will slide right off.
    Good Luck
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    Thanks! I look forward to putting this gem in good order and try some hunting. Here's a picture now, I'll post another when the refinishing is complete.

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