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I've never seen a use for 22WMR. But I've had my eye on an XT-22/17 for a while now.

Useful rifle caliber list:
.223/5.56 (though I prefer 7.62x39 in its place, or one of the newer intermediate cartridges like the Grendel or Blackout)
Something like .308, .30-30 .30-06, etc.
After that we start getting into material rifles, and how many people need one of those?
You need to look at the newer ammo for .22WMR to see the booyah in it...
there is most definitely .17HMR speed available but with a Bigger Bullet!!
Hornady's V-max 30-grain runs 2200 FPS...and there are others...

Of course, there's still the 50-grain SMACK that a Federal Game-shok gives a coyote at 150-160 yards out of a Marlin 25MN or XT22MVSR :D
I like DRT coyotes!!

For fast-followup results, find a Marlin 922M semi-auto .22WMR and pump bullets downrange with a quickness!!

Or there's the 1894M & 57M lever-actions...simple, effective, last forever :)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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