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Made a run to town this afternoon to the grocery store. Wife wanted me to drop off a big trash bag of those plastic sacks ya build up from Wal Mart and every other store In the world. She and my sister where going around to various antique and thrift stores yesterday and a friend of hers who runs a consignment store mentioned she was about out of bags.

They don't sell guns or ammo but as I was looking at a 10 gun cabinet when her husband made mention of some ammo he had acquired. Said a local Car dealer who has a booth there gave them to him and said see what you can get for these. He found them in a used car he took in trade. A hundred round box of Remington Viper .22 LR. Not a whole box but 80 rounds of viper and 10 of some kind of CCI. He asked what I would give for them. I made an offer of $10 and he took it. A $ or so over NORMAL price for a full box but he has given us some good deals on stuff my wife wanted over the years. Never hurts to give a little, it usually comes back around.
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