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If rights are dependent on votes — if we only have a right to bear arms because a majority of the population elects politicians who say we have a right to bear arms — then we have no rights at all.
Right here...I take strong exception to Ben Shapiro's comment. It wasn't and isn't "elected politicians" that established the irrevocable RKBA! It was the far-sighted men that knew tyranny and thus the 2nd Amendment was purposefully composed to prevent any future encumbrances by power-crazed "kings". Other than that...purdy good piece.

It IS up to us to "do the right thing"...even if it seems ugly, even horrid to consider ever transpiring on America's home turf and from within. I think most that visit this and other gun-centered forums fully understand the threats and the burdensome tasks to come before us...sooner or later if We The People have the will to maintain/restore LIBERTY!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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