Tax time

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by MattNH, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. MattNH

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    Filed our federal return today. Made $11k more than last year, child tax credit went down, charitable donations were up, I don't have a mortgage. We owed $4k more in federal taxes and instead of a $640 refund like last year, we got $6.

    A six dollar refund. I'm thinking a box of 22 and a cup of coffee to stimulate the economy
  2. FOUR4D4

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    I got a $5 refund last year. You have to look on the bright side we didn't have to pay.

  3. 28Shooter

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    Hey Matt, better make that a McD's coffee, six bucks won't cover the ammo and Starbucks.
  4. msharley

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    Hey Guys,

    Remember, only working "stiffs" pay taxes!

    The poor don't. And the rich WON'T! [​IMG]

    Brought to you by... [​IMG][​IMG]

    Later, Mark
  5. dads81-DL

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    What saves my butt is Per Diems. Being a otr expeditor, I get 63$ each day I'm away from home. I guess that makes up for not being able to go shooting as much as I use to. Lol
  6. SWO1

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    Waiting on my last 1099 to file mine. I have to PAY ... Federal & State. No Deductions, No Mortgage or nothing. I fill out the return, write the checks, but dont mail em till day before due.
  7. 28Shooter

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    I get such a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I drive through the Section 8 housing (don't think that's the PC term anymore) they put up not to far from my house and see perfectly healthy young men sitting on their porches with their hats turned sideways, their pants hanging down, and their baby mommas with spawn enjoying the sunshine at noontime. It's truly nice to see them enjoying the taxes (about one-third) I pay from my pension check every month. Is that what I worked for? They're neighborhood's a mess, can't we at least get them some brooms with our tax money and make them clean up the place?
  8. SWO1

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    It is the same in all parts of the country. Even here in a rural community. I have NEVER taken a nickel of any assistance in my whole life. Me and the wife have worked two jobs each for many years in our younger days. We used to pass each other on the road on our way to the second jobs. In town almost every business has signs out wanting HELP. The middle class (if that is what we are) pay on average the highest tax rate.

    In todays local news it said a young man was shot while breaking into a house in town. It had been broken into more than once lately. The easy pickens came to an abrupt end last night. The shooting was ruled self defense and now his funeral will be paid for by tax dollars also. And also the court system will deal with the law suits by his family for wrongful death, which also will be footed by the tax payers.
  9. squirrelhunter

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    I filed on the 19th,I'm not saying what my refund is though,don't want to make anyone jealous ;) .