Teaching young people to shoot.

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by GoesBang, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. GoesBang

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    This past Saturday I took my granddaughter to the range with a few pieces from my collection. One piece was the "new to me" Marlin 989M2.

    We test fired different 22LR at 25 yards before moving out to 50 yards. Test fired more before settling on one.

    Final target for both of us. My group is on the left. She kicked my butt!

    She is performing well. I just wish that I was able to buy the rifle I had originally promised to her. Henry Mini bolt (22LR) single shot. She's 16 and becoming adult size way too fast.

    She definitely likes shooting the long arms more than pistol. I work with her on handgun personal defense though.

    I'm thinking that the 243 or 223 bolt guns would give both of us great pleasure.

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  2. MattNH

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    Good job taking her out.

    Now take that 989M2 get a total of 4 ten round mags for it and head out to an Appleseed with her. A weekend of shooting and American History. Invest in a $15 GI web sling and you will have a great weekend together

  3. GoesBang

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    Well. I work every weekend. My days to shoot are normally Monday and Tuesday. I was on vacation on that particular Saturday.

    As far as the magazines go, I plan on buying a few more higher capacity than the 3 7 round magazines that I now have.