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  1. Spoon

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    Dadgum...the boys in TX are gonna have to get busy or else :eek:


    Sounds like opportunities are opening up for more hunting on private grounds to aide the farmers and ranchers in their efforts to cull over 50% of the feral hogs roaming the Texas Republic.

    Good luck IF you go. I've got a contact in the Ft Worth area that just might be willing to put you into to some wild pork. It's not too expensive for the adventurous types that are there for "Philanthropic" reasons;) I just need to get my butt down there and fire at Petunia and Porkie for FREE!

    Maybe I need to have a chat with my son-in-law and get him fired up again to make a run:D I'd donate 90% to feed the hungry just for the sake of helping out the po folks in TX.

    hombre...your prospects for make'n the bacon seem to be growing:)
  2. squirrelhunter

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    Wish I could,I'd love to shoot a Porker or 2 :D.

  3. Shooter

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    They have made their way south to my area. I'm not happy they are here, but I am happy I get to hunt them. It's conflicting.
  4. hombre243

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    How to get permission to hunt?

    Austin, how does a person find a property where the pigs are doing their damage and how do we get permission to hunt? Seems like if the hogs were such a problem there would be some kind of list hunters could look at to find out where to go for them.
  5. oldbrass

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    I was thinkin about the movie "Wild Hogs" I`ve never shot a piggie but would certainly join yall if I could...Would be a fun way to meet the crew here with wild bacon on a campfire
  6. hombre243

    hombre243 Well-Known Member

    Group rates?

    Maybe we can have a BOAR B Q.:)