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The 22 Marlin Dragunov

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The Marlin Model 60 and its 22LR cousins such as the 75, 99, 990 and others, have been a staple of gunracks across the country for decades. However, some of us grow old of the standard walnut stocks and want to branch out into something more tactical.

The ATI Fiberforce stock

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ATI, long known for their aftermarket gunstocks and accessories, introduced their Fiberforce stock for the classic Marlin Model 60 more than ten years ago. Retailing for $49 on their website, it is made of DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer with a ventilated forearm/hand guard and textured grip. Sling swivel studs forward and a rear dowel sling mount aide in rapid attachment of a strap if desired. Overall, the stock weighs but 26-ounces and includes an adjustable cheek rest. The stock allows for offhand shooting, a better cheek weld, a more durable accommodation for hunting in bad weather, and something more popular with the kids.

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The style pays tribute to the classic Soviet Dragunov SVD sniper rifle. The SVD was the standard Soviet and later Russian designated sharpshooter rifle since 1963 and, while augmented by more modern designs, is still in use around the world.


The ATI stock will work not only on the Marlin Model 60, but also on the Model 75, 990, and others. It should be remembered that millions of these rifles have been made over the past half century under various names (Glenfield etc.) and there are minor differences between models. With this in mind, the ATI stock has some 'play' to it to accommodate all of these variants. This means that while the ATI will fit your standard M60, it may need to be adjusted to fit it well. Expect to take an afternoon to do this. It was made with the 60 in mind and will fit these best, so if you have a 795, 99, et al, you may need to pack a dremel for your fitting. These fits have been covered in depth in our forums.

Final thoughts

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A simple Google search will find you the ATI on sale not only on their website but also on Amazon, eBay,, and others. By shopping around you can pick up a new in the plastic one for as little as $30. These stocks are both simple and effective and when compared to the Muzzlelite Bullpup stock costs much less and works much better.

Of course, you can always leave the old walnut stock on it. It's not as tacti-cool, but it's cost effective.
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