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Marksmanship is a dying art in the United States that has been a staple of our country since the Revolutionary War. A group of grassroots volunteers known as the RWVA has teamed up with Marlin to produce a special model rifle to help change that.

What is Appleseed?

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Around the country every year, at shooting ranges from coast to coast, hundreds of Project Appleseed events are held that are open to the public. At these events, students of all ages learn to shoot a 20" target out to 500 yards or a milk jug at 250 yards, using a standard, rack grade rifle, surplus ammo, iron sights, from field positions. These are put on by the RWVA.

The Revolutionary War Veterans Association (RWVA), a group of volunteer second amendment true believers that advocate training of rifle marksmanship and our early American heritage. While they allow any shooter with any rifle to come and train, it's recommended that a 22LR rifle with good iron sights and a sling be used. This brings us to the Marlin 795.

The 795 Itself

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Introduced in 1997, the Marlin Model 795 was based on the same action as the tried and true Model 60, of which millions have been made. Instead of the under barrel tubular magazine of the Model 60, the 795 uses a 10-shot detachable box magazine for rapid loading/reloading. It's an autoloading side-ejector that has an 18-inch barrel with 16 Micro-Groove riflings at a 1:16" right hand twist for accuracy. A cross-bolt safety, last-shot bolt hold-open, and fiberglass-reinforced synthetic stock make it one of the most feature packed rifles on the market. With an overall length at just 37-inches and a 4.5-pound weight, its light enough for both kids and adults to use reliably. This makes it a great choice for the Appleseed Liberty Training Rifle.

The LTR Package

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Designed hand in hand with input from the RWVA, this special edition rifle comes with two magazines, a canvas sling with swivels (every marksmanship advocate will explain the importance of a sling), and adjustable TSM200 Tech Sights . Tech Sights, for those who don't know, is one of the best precision shooting accessories makers in the business. Their product uses "GI" type post and aperture sight picture that increases sight radius by 6-inches. The rear sight is both windage and elevation adjustable with detent locking and one MOA click adjustable. Typical users of these sights report that their groups are up to 50% tighter on the same rifle due to the improved profile alone.

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The guns are specially marked on the left hand side of the receiver as being Appleseed LTRs. To further tie in their use at RWVA rifle clinics like Appleseed and Winterseed, they include a certificate to attend a marksmanship clinic free. With the rifle MSRPd for $299 (which typically means a 'rack cost of about $250-ish), it's a good deal.

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Grab one and head to an Appleseed shoot near you.

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(photo by Oleg Volk)
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