The cat is safe.

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    We have a 2 dogs and 1 cat. He's a good cat, he brings my oldest son presents in the form of live and sometimes dead mice, delivered right to his bedroom. He was a free cat we got from an add on Craig's List, so we named him Craig. Craig is an indoor cat, but has taken to sneaking out the slider and on to the deck. He spent the night outside about 2 weeks ago.

    Last night I went to bed at 10pm, my daughter was already asleep, but the boys were still awake. Shortly after 10 my wife climbed into bed, although I was sound asleep, and the she hears an extremely loud cat in distress sound. The boys heard it as well. They couldn't find Craig in the house, so they grabbed flashlights and went out to search. I am blissfully unaware and asleep. They couldn't find him, the neighbor is also outside yelling for his cat, he must have heard it too. The youngest wanted to sleep downstairs on the couch in case Craig came back to the door and wanted in.

    Pansy (the dog) wakes me up at 4:50 am climbing up to be pet. Wife is awake and hasn't slept more than dozing all night worrying about the cat and fills me in. I get up and shower and while I'm in there the youngest hears Craig at the door and brings him in safely.

    It's a wild, wild world out there but I'm glad we still have our mouser.
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    I like a story with a happy ending.:D


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    Glad to hear that it worked out for the best. Pets become like family after awhile.
    Although, cats are an independent creature.
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    Not to worry; sounds like Craig has 8 more lives left!