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The Great Caliber Debate !!

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Really suprised nobody has brought this up. It ALWAYS does on any hunting forum Ive ever been on. Sooooo here we go........................

I will start by pointing out many States/Countrys have rules that limit "or not" what size projectile may be used to take Deer. And lets for now limit it to WhiteTail (or an equivliant i.e. in Australia) as its the perdominant species the Majority on here hunt. I will give my thoughts first.

In Missouri its ANY CENTERFIRE cartridge.... No FMJ. Thats (as far as I know) .18 Bee - .50 BMG. Shotguns its .410 and up with slugs only. Black Powder is .40 cal for the minimun. Handguns is centerfire again and black Powder handguns .40 cal. And the best is......In my opinion.....

Any of the above. Reason....Its bullet placement that counts.

If you have one that you think is better, other than you just like it, and we all have our favorites, ........why is it better than the rest.
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Harrummfff , Being a " Marlin " forum , I suspect that out of that wrenchester 1894, the .30 wcf bullet will just bounce off a deer :rolleyes: Out of a Marlin it will just flat out kill them , gut them , and drag the deer home :cool:
:D @ SWO1 . If I pack up this little snowball ( read grenade ;) and I roll it down a steep snow covered mountain , I wonder what may happen :confused:

In other words , as Grey mentioned , ain't no right or wrong answer .
Shot placement with a proper projectile is key.
Also , cooler temps and shorter days have some of us doing funny things. Bare spot on the carpet from constant pawing , finish worn off the bed post from excessive head rubbing , most every tree / bush / or passage way in the yard has been peed on at least once in the last 24 hours.
Not that I've ever done anything in the above paragraph :rolleyes:
It is a fun topic , step back and watch.
The .270 is the best deer killer ever invented .

45-70 , may as well just throw a brick at the deer.

30-06 ??? Really they still make those antiques ?

Can't kill deer with millimeters ,deer rifles are measured in inches.

The .22 rimfire has probably killed more deer in the USA than all other centerfires combined.
Windy , you are correct regarding a .22 rf for deer . :)
Grey hawk gave a pretty good explanation.

It seems many of us have seen this topic ( the best caliber or even the best bullets in a caliber, for deer ) discussed on other forums at length.
It usually involves several folks with strong , varying opinions, that are dead sure they are correct and everyone else s opinions are wrong .
Usually turns out to be more like a pro wrastling cage match (for lack of a more fitting , yet apropriate family friendly term ) than any kind of intelligent discussion .
No different than my brand of truck is 5 X better than yours , or , your tractor sucks because it is the wrong color ,or my school is better than yours or ....... well , you get the idea.
I just posted a few off the top of my head that I had seen in the past several times.
I think the first post was just a light hearted attempt to

I just played along , tis the season

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