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The Great Caliber Debate !!

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Really suprised nobody has brought this up. It ALWAYS does on any hunting forum Ive ever been on. Sooooo here we go........................

I will start by pointing out many States/Countrys have rules that limit "or not" what size projectile may be used to take Deer. And lets for now limit it to WhiteTail (or an equivliant i.e. in Australia) as its the perdominant species the Majority on here hunt. I will give my thoughts first.

In Missouri its ANY CENTERFIRE cartridge.... No FMJ. Thats (as far as I know) .18 Bee - .50 BMG. Shotguns its .410 and up with slugs only. Black Powder is .40 cal for the minimun. Handguns is centerfire again and black Powder handguns .40 cal. And the best is......In my opinion.....

Any of the above. Reason....Its bullet placement that counts.

If you have one that you think is better, other than you just like it, and we all have our favorites, ........why is it better than the rest.
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I'm not sure what your asking but if you have a shotgun with a smooth bore and a hand full of chokes and change to a rifled barrel for deer and large game.with a bow for archery season then a muzzle loader for primitive weapons season and a 270 for long range shots. NEVER MIND YOU CANT HAVE JUST ONE CALIBER BUY THEM ALL AND DONT LOOK BACK :D
Its like a new caliber
Winchester 70 ,270win

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Seven-Six-Two Millimeter

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Theres not right or wrong answer here Each state has its laws that you must stay with in.Along with each hunter being sufficient with their caliber of choice being able to make a shot with placement in the vitals when that moment of truth arrives to make a quick humane kill and to be an ethical hunter.
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