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The Great Caliber Debate !!

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Really suprised nobody has brought this up. It ALWAYS does on any hunting forum Ive ever been on. Sooooo here we go........................

I will start by pointing out many States/Countrys have rules that limit "or not" what size projectile may be used to take Deer. And lets for now limit it to WhiteTail (or an equivliant i.e. in Australia) as its the perdominant species the Majority on here hunt. I will give my thoughts first.

In Missouri its ANY CENTERFIRE cartridge.... No FMJ. Thats (as far as I know) .18 Bee - .50 BMG. Shotguns its .410 and up with slugs only. Black Powder is .40 cal for the minimun. Handguns is centerfire again and black Powder handguns .40 cal. And the best is......In my opinion.....

Any of the above. Reason....Its bullet placement that counts.

If you have one that you think is better, other than you just like it, and we all have our favorites, ........why is it better than the rest.
1 - 3 of 55 Posts I go. I am the self proclaimed Queen of Questions. :(

Why wouldn't you use FMJ on deer. I understand that there are certain sized calibers to use on different animals such as a .22 probably isn't a good round to use on elk. :D But I see other than caliber it seems to matter what type of bullet is used, too.

I know I'm asking a lot but could anyone explain why the different types of bullets besides the different calibers used in hunting certain animals?

And......I once ate a pheasant someone had shot and I had to keep spitting out shot. It kind of ruined the experience of eating a bird someone hunted. Is that typical?
A great round...proven over and over....But Not everybody likes them. I have no use for LONG cartriges, i.e. 06, 270, 300. Along with the .270 just about everybody I know perfers it. Guess Im the odd man out......:p
I also belong to another gun forum and this mentioned often in regards to deer hunting.

I have never shot an animal yet.....just paper and steel.
And it's OK that you have never shot an animal. If you ever do, it should be because you want to, not because someone else thinks that you should.
I wouldn't mind trying my hand at hunting. I would love to put a hog in my freezer. If you knew me several years ago you would know what a profound statement that is for me. :cool: I have this fear that I would wound the animal and not kill it and not be able to find it. I would never want to inflict a slow, agonizing pain on anything.

The .22 rimfire has probably killed more deer in the USA than all other centerfires combined.
Wow! I would think .22 is too small to take a deer humanely........unless you are a very, very good shot.

But again, I am really new to guns and even though I am learning every day I don't really know a lot about hunting.
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