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The Great Caliber Debate !!

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Really suprised nobody has brought this up. It ALWAYS does on any hunting forum Ive ever been on. Sooooo here we go........................

I will start by pointing out many States/Countrys have rules that limit "or not" what size projectile may be used to take Deer. And lets for now limit it to WhiteTail (or an equivliant i.e. in Australia) as its the perdominant species the Majority on here hunt. I will give my thoughts first.

In Missouri its ANY CENTERFIRE cartridge.... No FMJ. Thats (as far as I know) .18 Bee - .50 BMG. Shotguns its .410 and up with slugs only. Black Powder is .40 cal for the minimun. Handguns is centerfire again and black Powder handguns .40 cal. And the best is......In my opinion.....

Any of the above. Reason....Its bullet placement that counts.

If you have one that you think is better, other than you just like it, and we all have our favorites, ........why is it better than the rest.
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The great state of Tennesse's legislature recently gave the nod on all centerfire rounds for big game. I personally believe that was a mistake. I have almost 40 years hunting experience and have seen many things. The first trophy whitetail I took had what looked like a 30 caliber jacket in his hind quarter. It had been there long enough that no lead remained. Having said that bullet placement is the most important part of havesting wild game. However I believe that the 22 hornet and 223 etc are inadequate for whitetail, as is the 357 magnum. The 410 slug is also a weak choice. I believe caliber restrictions should be imposed and based on scientific information, not personal opinion or even general concensous. Certain energy at range numbers come to mind...
I started my hunting "career" with shotguns. Not necessarily by choice, but effective none the less with proper ammunition. I enjoyed the versitilty of the 870 package. Deer in the morning, upland game in the afternoon . My primary deer rifle is chambered in 300 WSM. I do not like to blood trail, and can't stand the thought of not being able to find an animal I know is mortaly wounded. Thus the choice of caliber. My secondary deer rifle if a freedom arms model 83 in 454 Casull. As I mentioned, I do not like to blood trail. Not that my skills are lacking, before all of you magnum haters jump on me. I have over 30 years hunting experience.
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