The great "part" Easter egg hunt

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by SWO1, Mar 21, 2016.

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    I am working on a cheap Saturday Night Special .25 auto for a friend of my daughters. It is a Raven P-25 auto. Wont feed more than one round then "jam-0-matic". I took it apart and cleaned, buffed, and polished the feed ramp. ON initial tear down the firing pin retaining plug flew out along with the firing pin spring. I found them both in about 5 minutes. On putting it back together ... a flying they went again. found the spring right off. the plug is metal....bright and about as big as the tip of my little finger. Over half hour now and NOTHING ... its gotta be here somewhere.
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    You ever find the "egg" ?

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    After about an hour looking I broke down and went and asked the "Great Finder Of All Things" I cant ..... The Wife. She came out asked what I was looking for, I described it for her ....she looked down, bent over, picked it up and handed it to me ............ :eek: She just smiled and went back to her sewing room.

    After shooting up the partial box of ammo he sent with it I determined that the Magazine is the problem. It dosnt seat firmly in the mag well, moves up and down. If you hold the front of the mag down firmly it will feed with no problem. Guess he will have to find another one. Probably more than the gun is worth.
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    I just checked the price you can buy them for under $100 lol

    You really cant find a good handgun unless you spend over $500-$600.

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    The $100 one might be better than the two factory ones Numrich has for $21 and $18. After shipping probably around $30. The guy, for some reason wants it fixed. Before ordering the mag I will try and make a shim for the bottom lip of the mag that holds it down. I told him not sure a new mag will solve the problem. Maybe the mag well is out of spec and no mag will seat properly. Ammo for the blamed thing is as much as .357. He carries a .380. I would just as soon have a .22 as a .25 acp.