The MARINES .... THE FEW, But Few Women

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    Trying to have females conform to male physical fitness standards isn't working to well for the Corps. Unlike the other Military Services every Marine is a Basic Rifleman and must be able to physically perform in the field no matter his primary MOS ( Military Occupational Speciality ) Weather a Cook, Baker, Candle Stick Maker YOU ARE A GRUNT, GROUND POUNDER. Every male Marine must perform and demonstrate the same skills in physical fitness, Marksmanship, Squad Tactics, ect. As stated in the article SO FAR .... dismal success rates for women to achieve even the basic standards for the male Marine. Will females be intergrated into Combat positions in the Corps, proabley yes, but a LOT FEWER than many think.
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    I agree..... It won't be over abundance

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    As Harry Callahan said," If she want to play lumberjack, she has to handle her end of the log"