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    I must say that since freedom group scooped up marlin and moved them under remingtons umbrella the quality of lever actions has gone to crap, the ones I`ve looked at have terrible fit and finish,crooked dovetails and a host of other flaws, its a shame that they took a reputable name and ruined it, I have a JM stamp 336 30-30 and there`s nothing like the original..I hope they get it together soon, Rossi and Henry are producing some fine levers.. If you`ve bought a new one I hope its a good firearm but the ones I saw don`t impress me.
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    Heck, you should grab some of the 2005-2010 Marlins made in CT, QC was a forgotten memento for many.

    The good thing, that even while they're making mistakes, they are fixing them as they go.
    So far the old 3/8" Accessory rail issue that was prevalent on the Marlin 60/795 from 2005-2011 has been resolved in the last two months...
    and other fixes are in the works on other issues...

    Its like they say about a New Car...never buy the First Year's model offering, it'll SUCK...even if you've got a good old crew working on it...
    and they not only have new CNC equipment, they've got a whole brand-new fresh-outta-Tech-School-crew...
    which as we all know, means those silly screwballs gotta get re-trained from Book Knowledge to Practical Application.

    I expect them to surpass the 2005-2010 Marlin CT crew by summer...and get into 1970's/80's quality by next Xmas.
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    I have a Rossi .44 I dearly love.
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    i read on another forum that marlin was addressing the quality issue on the lever actioned rifles as they were the big money makers for the company. they stated that though they sold many of the rimfires, they didn't make a lot on them and so far no big issues with the X7 bolt action rifles. i have heard some say that the lever actions were not near as well done as those from past years. i hope they get them straightened out, because i would sure like to add a marlin lever action to my collection in the future.
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    Meanwhile, you can always grab an older one...plenty out there...inexpensive, too :)
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    That's sad. It seems in an age of ever diminishing quality that firearms markets are not an exception although they should be.

    This is true.
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    I focus on the 1998 through 2003 ported Marlins. Quality of workmanship was very high on everyone I've ever picked up. Stay away from the new ones if you can. I've handled many new ones ond rarely have I seen anything good when it comes to fit & finish. Don't know how they shoot.

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    i just put money down on the 44 mag that on the left side says (rep) it was made in n.y but the barrel says new haven i checked it out its a little tight action but i will work it out .the guy at the store was like no this was made in new haven i said no it was not .the pcs were made in new haven but it was put 2gether in n.y
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    I love Marlins. But I bought an 1894c in 357Mag around June and what a piece of crap. I gave a quick once over in the store. I got home give it a detailed going over after finding it would only take 8 rounds of 357. So going over the gun I found 15 real errors.
    I called Marlin/Remington and they were suppose to send me a mailing. I had to call a week later only to find out their database crashed and they lost everything. Can you say live backup.
    They sent me a shipping label which I got a few day later. I sent the gun and the WAIT began.
    After 2 weeks I called and the gun had go to repair. After 2 more weeks I called again and was told that the gun was being replaced. How long I asked? About a 4 to 6 weeks they said.
    About 4 weeks later I recieved my new 357Mag rifle and I love it.
    Her name is SUGAR because she shoots so sweet.

    Final judgement - I will buy Marlin again, but only those prior to 2008.
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    I did post this on another thread here, but I'll do it again...this is my 95G, keep in mind,as I've said, grew up hunting with a 78 336, so I know old Marlins. My 95 G is a REP PROOF...ah-oh....made right after the North Haven shut down....again, the targets are 50 yrds with factory 6 minute front bead...I was standing when I fired these groups with what I would call a modified rest, I was leaning over a railing type beam at the range. This was the first time I fired a 45-70, though I have a bunch of experience with peep sights....but what we have in summary are, at their maximum spread, 2" groups with a Skinner Tactical Peep & 6 minute front bead (covering 3" of the target at that distance), factory Remington Rounds, nothing special tuned to the gun...this REP "G" is a shooter...period...and I promise to get better pics up, because she's good looking too. I take them with my phone, which can do it, it has a "real" camera lense on it...I need good natural light though, I can't figure out all the gadgets & different settings. I'll get them up...probably tomorrow....and I fully expect to tighten up the groups...through my experience, can only get better after the first time. There are some good REPs. Problem, they are the exception not the rule. AND I WILL had I agree with 1895Gunner with his period of "Good Guide Guns"....he's right. So don't take what I'm showing as me saying that the REP guns are fantastic...or even good....what I'm showing is they CAN be. Some are......some.

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