There is something about a full case and accuracy

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  1. Bucky

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    This rifle of mine, a Remington 700 has been brilliantly accurate from Day 1.
    I have just finished loading some 375 H & H magnum rounds, and the shells are full as. It's called a compressed load. And the photo says it all.
    Is this a good starting point ?

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  2. hombre243

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  3. Bucky

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    Accurate as hell !

    Am familiar with the compressed load.
    Sometimes I just hate myself, as the Rifle is "brilliant"
    Now all I need is a Sambar Stag to waddle in front of it, or a Camel Bull or a Scrub Bull.


    Wait on the Western Australian Coast, on a Super Low tide, and Shoot the Elephants, when they cross from Africa.
    ( now there's a thought )

  4. Nogoat

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    I my reloading experience, the best load takes some research and bench time. It is highly dependent on the firearm the bullet, the powder kind/quantity and the primer. Also your weight and measuring. For example in a 44 mag my most accurate load for my 94 and my SBH are the same for a jacketed 240 grain. That load is not that great in my 29.

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