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    Now I hate that B*TC* even more after reading that.:mad:

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    I second that Four4D4!!!!
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    That should include active military then too.Just saying.They don't become immediately insane when they leave the service.How dumb can she be???:rolleyes:
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    Pretty dumb!!!!!!!!
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    She's enough to drive anyone batty
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    At just before the 44 minute mark, FIEND STONED starts with her blatant lies about the majority of American's wanting Gun Control such as she's proposing. Earlier in her comments, she said "when the bullets explode inside the bodies"... H.E. rounds in 9mm & 40 cal or .224/5.56??? Someone steer me to the source of such projectiles. Same BS reasoning about "Black Talons" when Reagan was shot that Talons will penetrate police body armor. The same ammo is available...when you can find it as Win Rangers for LE use. My Sig's chocked full with 21 rounds of of the Rangers and a b/u mag with 20 more. Only difference is that there is no coating of teflon or moly.

    The demo-rats are out for blood under false pretenses. I wonder if they have enough sense to realize what such conduct on their behalf will bring. Woe will be the days if any "infringements" are issued forth by the Legislature. Our saving grace...other than GOD is that the House will ignore any and all attempts to usurp our capacity to prevent tyranny while providing for the safety, well-being as well as the thrill we get from drilling small groups of holes into paper or keeping a soda can hoping! We need the lamestream "lapdog" media to do a 180 and tell the American people the truth.

    Many in attendance at this "hearing" spoke about the idiocy of any and all of the proposals being ushered forth from the 'D' party members. Like you...I IZ PIZZ'd beyond description and can't/won't pen to paper what I know would cure this looming plague! Damn them all. Remember well the next time you get a chance to sound off or to cast your ballot who is stable and who is the "enemy within".
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    Well said spoon
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    @ Stu - Thanks, but in light of the Committee's 10 to 8 vote 'approval' of these proposals, I think the bucket of water is fix'n to be dumped into the cauldron of hot oil. Splattering everything...everywhere. I reckon the political weenies weren't paying attention to this thread or the majority of the US public when it comes to the matter of "...shall not be infringed."

    Again...I guess we'll see since the volumes that I and many other Pats like me have written seem to be falling upon the stone-deaf ears of the demons in D.C.
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    Please know I share your deep frustration with the current issues surrounding guns, the 2nd amendment, ignorance, lies, half-truths and etc.

    What are protecting and what are we making illegal. Oh yeah, I remember; children and the safety of children, free choice by responsible and Law abiding adults in the USA.

    the fact that the "children" have been forgotten, and the safety of other children has been pushed aside and to the rear (as is often the case in the USA) ought to alert people to the fact the most anti-gun advocates, oops, anti-gun violence proponents, are not to be trusted and their words are always suspect.

    to the point: if one traces the outrageous comments made by feinstein back to alex jones (and others) Feinstein did NOT say, ".. all veterans have PTSD and should have their Second Amendment stripped."

    Jones says feistein "basically said.." and then went on to express his impression to what Feinstein Did say. Thanks alex, but I like to think for myself, so a link to the transcript would be helpful.

    ** I will then read and decide it for myself. **

    Jones' BS comment places his tactics on par with and side by side with those of ms. Feinstein and her supporters.

    BS is the problem here, so do NOT use it.
    The FACTS are what is important and paramount in any discussion.
    Call it the Truth if you will.

    Feinstein and her supporters is spreading so much BS and stupidity around on these issues, she should be arrested.
    unfortunately, lying and speaking falsehoods in public are not illegal in the US, except if you are testifying in court or before a grand jury under oath...

    so If "we" follow "their" tactics, who are "we"?

    This battle just-may-be on par with any past effort to preserve and protect the legal and rights of every citizen of the USA. It may well be that dangerous, that ugly, and that important.

    I don't care what others say or do. I remember what the focus should be, and I am not going to consciously lie about the things I say.

    "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United State of America."
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    Here is a thought

    In Scott County Iowa, (I do not know if this is statewide, nationwide or what) when I got my carry permit I did not have to take the concealed carry course. I handed them my DD-214 and paid the money and walked out with the permit...good for 5 years. When I renew, I will have to do the course. Sounds a bit bass ackwards to me.

    AHA! OB, I wonder if this policy has anything to do with what is in your link. It could be a good thing or a bad thing to use the 214 to get the permit. If I had it to do over again I would do the course. In my case however there is no mental health record attached to the form, but many other military personnel have suffered and have issues which will be revealed in the DD-214 record, thus giving the issuing agency instant access to information that can be used for denial of the permit.

    My advice to all Vets who have not yet gotten their concealed carry permit but intend to get one: When or if asked if you have a DD-214 or if you are asked if you are a Veteran...just say yes but my 214 is private. I will take the course. Make them work for every bit of information they get.

    How could this policy be a good thing? It gives pro-gun local LE access to Vets who are gun trained who can be called in to protect locals in case of a government gun grab. Many local sheriffs have stated they will arrest any fed who tries to arrest a citizen in their county. I guess it is a poke and hope situation.
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