This REALLY makes me feel bad !!

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    With todays .22 lr find I'm good thru the end of the Year. Have enough reloading components for the pistols, .38/.357 and .40 along with factory ammo. Also plenty for the .223 bench rifle and .308s for deer season. Plenty of Turkey loads for Spring and Fall Season.

    Why is it this little alcove exists in the backwoods of Missouri. Why is my little gun shop able to get this stuff ?? And at reasonable prices. Yes the 9mm and .223 go fast but there is no Line at 0800 for opening the door. I was there most of the day and out of 50 or so customers ONLY 1 bought 4 boxes of .22....UNBELIEVABLE. But he did sell about 8 pistols and a couple of rifles.
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    Don't feel too bad. There are benefits to living outside the bigger cities. Aside from lower property values and lower taxes, some benefits are a blessing.
    There are 3 local shops within 25 miles of my house. One of them is new to the area. Maybe I'll check them out. Just for grins and giggles.

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    I live in a medium town about 10,000. its surrounded by farmers and hill-billies and everyone shoots and go an hour north to the libtard republic of Seattle and its another world
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    I live in a small town and we saw minimal Shortages