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This Weather!

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I cannot wait for this damn weather to break!..... it seems like forever since we've had even a semi-warm day here in N. PA! (I know, I know, it's winter:rolleyes:) LOL.
Every year in spring our camp has a rimfire competition, we call it PLINKFEST.
This year, after installing the MCARBO spring set and Tech-Sights I'll be using my Model 60SB exclusively... BUT I NEED TRIGGER TIME before the event!

Here's hoping for a break in the cold and better availability of 22LR! The gun shows are starting around here next week and I'm on the prowl for some goodies!

I wish everyone much success and a fun (gun) filled year.

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...and it continues!

So, yesterday 3/31....awoke to 2" of sleet covered with 8 more inches of ugly wet snow :mad: I don't know when I can get to the range, it's now a swampy mess and it'll take some time for it to dry out... Anyone else feelin' the pain?
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