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This Weather!

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I cannot wait for this damn weather to break!..... it seems like forever since we've had even a semi-warm day here in N. PA! (I know, I know, it's winter:rolleyes:) LOL.
Every year in spring our camp has a rimfire competition, we call it PLINKFEST.
This year, after installing the MCARBO spring set and Tech-Sights I'll be using my Model 60SB exclusively... BUT I NEED TRIGGER TIME before the event!

Here's hoping for a break in the cold and better availability of 22LR! The gun shows are starting around here next week and I'm on the prowl for some goodies!

I wish everyone much success and a fun (gun) filled year.

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I've put exactly "ONE" round down range since November. One shot, one deer. Have the pistol range ready for the spring bullseye season. Picking up the Savage Mark II tomorrow. Picked up another brick of Blazer LR today and will get another tomorrow. Have plenty of .22. Now just like everyone else, need some decent weather.
I have a bunch of holes in my yard from snakes coming out of hibernation.I have a white pick up truck that is now a bright green from the pollen.Turkey season starts in less than a month.
Snakes ain't getting out here, unless they have a power auger. I tried to move my portable bench to 50 yards and its was FROZEN in the ground, although the temp was 55.

I have a Black pick up and its white most of the time with Snow and Ice.

Turkey season is still 2 months out ....... :(
:pKind thought reguardless 444 ....Upper 50s today with 60s for the weekend. If that blamed wind would get below 30 mph I could get back on the range ........
If we wernt spread across the whole country ..... would be a good time at the range with any of you guys, or hunting. ...... :cool:
Been pretty nice here for over a week now. Today is to be in the mid-upper 50s and cloudy. Biggest problem on my own range is the wind. Generally from the North (left to right) or South (right to left) Moved up from the 50 to the 25 Monday for .22 bench. It was blowing a steady 12-15 with gusts to 30+. Testing different ammo and breaking in two new guns. During matches you shoot the wind as it is there for every one. I need to put out some wind flags.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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