This year's Sambar Deer

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  1. Bucky

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    Wonnagatta Station in Victoria's High Country, with a heap of my former workmates.
    4 1/2 hr drive in made it all worth while.
    Craig and myself stalked into his hotspot, as I was his guest I let him lead the way. We headed to a known wallow in stealth mode but all of a sudden 2 stags broke and we were busted.
    We could hear them crashing (probably still fighting) thru the thick bush.
    We were motionless and still in covering scrub, for probably 10 to 15 minutes, when I heard a twig crack behind us, and indicated to Craig that there was something behind.
    We both headed off, again in stealth mode, up over a rise along a game trail.
    Next thing BANG, Craig got this Doe, and the "poddy" jumped straight over Craig's head, as he went to ground.
    End result was 1/2 a rather large Sambar Doe (hind), lots of of Bambi pies, which my 8 year old Grand Daughter loves, roasts and a great night around the campfire "dribbling on" over a few beers

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  2. lingr

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    Nice Sambar Bucky! Good to hear from you also.

  3. Gumpy

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    Yeah, Bucky, we been missing you! That Sambar is big!
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Good Shot Mate...!!

    Enjoy the bounty...
  5. msharley

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    Hey Bucky,

    Swell looking Sambar!

    Later, Mark