Thoughts on Model 94, 44 Mag.

Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by sidshooter, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. sidshooter

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    Anyone out there have one of these? I bought one last fall to deer hunt with and received a box of leverevolution to run through it. I was unable to group with that product, I then went to some 240 grain JHP pushed by some HS6, Guess what it wouldn't hunt either! So I went to my ole faithful 240 gr JHP powered by 24 grains of 4227 and then discovered the gun was a shooter! Anyone else discovered issues with the micro groove and various loads? Also anyone else had an extractor break in their Marlin? Any info. would be helpful.

    Thanks, Sidshooter
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  2. Hyphenated

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    First off welcome aboard. I have not had an extractor break, or any other parts for that matter. Just lucky I guess. Thankfully parts aren't hard to come by for your Marlin. Check Brownell's, Numrich Arms or Midway USA.

    Glad to hear the 44mag is shooting. I've had good luck with my 41mag and 45colt. It just takes some experimenting.

  3. sidshooter

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    Thanks for the info., I have replaced the extractor and thought wow what dumb luck! I have a few other Marlins and never experienced that issue in the past, even on my .375 and that things brutal! LOL This year I will get to hunt with it and put the ole 12 ga slug gun in retirement.