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To all you Lurkers out there...

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Hey YOU !!

Yea...YOU !!!

We see ya lurking out there...

Come on and join the's easy to register !!

Don't just look...have a conversation with some like minded people who enjoy firearms of all makes.

See ya in a few minutes...say hello in the Introductions subforum after you register !!! :D
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I`ve talked to more than one person thats paranoid of being on any firearms websight, They don`t want the government coming for them...To those folks the feds coming anyway so have some fun...
Yea...the Feds had me for 35 years...and I turned out OK !! :rolleyes:
This web sight is A Drone Free Zone
I have not done much in the Marlin Forum, however I do follow on FB. I thought to check in and see what is new since I registered.
This web sight is A Drone Free Zone
And so is my yard :D.
Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum OneGreyWolf !!

Glad you joined our community...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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