Trick rifle??

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    Hey all, I need to start a new topic, but have not got the hang of this app. Strange when you think of a desk top Mac as old school.
    I have bought, and will pick up any day, a model 92 Marlin. It is around 1920 DOM. The unusual feature is it is a smooth bore. The owner said it is not shot out, if that is even possible in a 22. The other unusual feature is the sights. They appear to be standard, semi buckhorn type, and the front is a brass blade.
    The rear sight has had the elevator removed, the "wings" squeezed together, and a triangle filed for a notch. The front blade has been filed to a thick post.
    I am thinking this was a trick shooters gun. I have read the little glass balls and other small items that were shot in the air with 22's, were shot with rat shot.
    I will have the serial number soon, if that will help. Does this sound like anything yall are familiar with?
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    Model 92

    Check out the search page...Lots of information.

    I think I read Marlin did make a smoothebore 22 for small varmints like rats and pigeons.