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Trigger return spring Camp 9

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I am new here. HI.

Ordered parts for my camp 9. Received from my father.
Trigger not returning. Received my parts. Buffer, hammer strut bridge and trigger return spring. Hammer strut bridge is different No long tang on bottom. Went on line and found 2 different trigger assemblies. Both have holes to mount the return spring. Mine does not. Guessing that is what the long tang was for on the old hammer strut bridge. Does anyone have any information as to where the hole is located and diameter of the hole.? I have the general location the exact.
Thank you Phil.
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Welcome to the forum! Have you tried CS? Don't know if it will help or not. Asking a gunsmith would be your best bet.
I haven't been to gun smith yet. Can't get out of my house. Just had my hip replaced. I did notice the new replacements have the hole in them for the new and old style. New assembly housing is like $17 plus shipping. My cost me more to have then drill a hole, by the time they get the machine set up.
I was a machinist for years. Set up time will take more time than actual work.
Thanks for your input.
I know what you mean. I am a Journeyman Machinest and Tool and Die. Anyone (almost) can run the machine, the money is in set up!
Talked it over with my Father. He gave the rifle. Try it on your drill press. We can always get a new one.
Drilled the hole for the trigger return spring. Put it all together and it seems to work great:). Just need to get out and shoot now. Still not able to with my hip.
Dr. released me to go back to work. Now I can get to camp and try my repair. Next weekend will tell.
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