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I always try to show respect and show appreciation to those around me.i try to be positive and kind.the other day i struggled with a few things and i was in pain.some of my fine friends calmed me and set my mind at ease and helped me through my frustration and dispair.i post many a post.i thank any one that has ever said a kind word about me or anyone else on this forum,as i want to feel i make a difference in my fine friends lives on this board, and it shows what i already knew.but they said the kindest things and i felt through their words their concern was true,so 28shooter,spoon and my faithful friend grey and shooter 13 and axxe and all others centered me and took that poison of anger and frustration out of me.i cannot thank you guys enough, as i am always a positive and happy person and try to inspire hope in everything i do and anyone i meet and when i needed inspiration my fine friends where there for me and helped me in my time of need and i feel the need to speak on this open forum my appreciation to all and everyone on this fine board.i thank you and respect you all.
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