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Trying to find dates

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I have a Marlin rimfire 22 rifle and I am trying to find out when it was manufactured. The only thing on the barrel is Model 81-DL-22 CAL-S-L-LR-A and Marlin Co New Haven Conn. It has been in my family since about 1950. Does anyone know when it was manufactured?
I did contact the Marlin company back in the Spring but no one ever answered.
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The Marlin Model 81-DL rifle was introduced in 1941 and manufactured up until the start of WWII. Model 81 production was resumed in 1945 and continued until 1964 so your rifle could have been manufactured either before or after WWII. The 81-DL was a modernized version of Marlin's earlier Model 81-B, it had a plastic trigger guard, aperture sight on the receiver and hooded bead at the muzzle. Rifles manufactured before WWII had a broad semi-beaver tail forend, post-war rifles had a standard forend and rifles made after 1957 had a walnut Monte Carlo half-stock and a new streamlined trigger guard. A call to Marlin would answer your questions have the serial number handy when you call.
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