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Tumbling media

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What is everybody using for dry tumbling media?

And will other wax work besides Nufinish I have some Meguiars Wax
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Walmart sells crushed walnut shells in the pet section for reptile bedding I should head off to Walmart
So I called the local guy that runs some reloading out of his flea market booth.He is closed for the holidays and wont open till Tuesday.
I'm looking for some walnut media online,then all of a sudden I get this crazy idea to look at sandblasting equipment on Tractor Supply.And several other places online then it strikes me I want to go to Home Depot for some lumber for another project.
I'm ready to leave because they have the walnut media then I notice available only online. Then I remember that they just opened a
Harper Freight and tool close to Home Depot. I got 25 pounds for $25
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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