Tungsten ammo?

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    So I was reading up on one of my favorite performance cartridges in .45-70 Gov. for my Marlin SBL and came across some old forum posts that mentioned a manufacturer by the name of Garrett Cartridges.

    Apparently they make some hard hitting stuff on a line with Underwood and Buffalo Bore. I came across a description of a Solid Tungsten bullet that they manufactured for both .45-70 and .44 Mag. Something designed to kill the African big five, bull elephants and rhinos.

    Anyone here have any experience with either of these rounds? I didn't know solid tungsten ammo existed. I checked their website and couldn't find it, the posts I read were from 2003-2005.

    Very curious about this round and any experience you may have with current Garrett products. Apparently the .45-70 isn't liked too much in Africa but from what I've been reading when it's coupled with the right ammo it can pretty much take anything down.
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    Only tungsten ammo I know of is a 12 ga slug