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Turkey Shoot Today & Tomorrow

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It's our annual Habitat for Humanity Turkey Shoot and Skeet Shoot. I do the scoring, youngest grandson will be a target runner. He gets to shoot for his work. Have 10 stations for the scatter cards and a tower with thrower for the clays. Set up on a 40 acre field at a Goat and sheep farm. Set it up yesterday, Leroy mowed it and should have bailed it but was to wet. Will have dogs, brats, burgers, chili, drinks at the concession trailer. Also this year have Turkeys, Bacon, and Hams along with 50/50 rounds and gift cards donaited by local businesses. Also sell chances on Pot shot cards for Turkeys @ .50 and $1 for 50/50, most of these were pre-sold and don't have to be present to win. Will try and remember to take Pics and post tonight. Its raining right now but supposed to slack off by 10 AM kickoff time today and be nice tomorrow. Didn't have any problems getting shells this year, 410, 20, 16 and 12ga. If anyone brings a 10 have to furnish their own ammo. No one has ever won with a

Any gun is OK....even the Goose guns with Artillary barrels, they don't do well either. The county surveyor, Greg and his family, who is an avid scatter gun shooter always carts off a load of gobblers but also drops around $300 for the 4-5 of them. I'll shoot if there is a short relay. Of course someone else has to score the cards then. More than 1 target with the center punched is a shootoff. Have gone as many as 3 rounds of shootoff. We furnish the shells, all have to shoot the same ammo for the Turkey shoot. For the clays they can shoot their own ammo, or use ours for a fee.
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Its 0740 and the rain has stopped...I hope for good. About 0830 will load up the 3 Mossbergs, 410, 20, and 12 and head on over. Between the 2 of us usually bring home 3-4 hunks of meat. Have to get the relay cards done up. Probley will get in around 25 rounds today plus about 6 or so pot shot cards if we have a good crowd. The clays are on and off.....a little light last year so ya never know. The grandson is already over here and rarin to go. The older grandson is at a friends place goin turkey hunting today and scouting for deer tomorrow. He shot two rounds last year and won them both, back to back. Got disinterested and quit. Spent the rest of the day at the concession
OK...forgot the camera today.......:( Turned out nice weather...actually got hot. Did 22 rounds of the turkey cards and when I left at 1545 they were still shooting clays.

The Mossy 835 patterened well today. Took 2 turkeys and 2 Hams. The grandson got skunked. All in all a good day.

The lady who runs Social Services program for teenagers who are doing community service under court order brought 2 boys who ran shot cards. Along with my grandson they did a super job. One of them won a round and took a small tool set as his prize. We talked her into shooting a 12 ga. First time she had ever handled a gun, much less shot one. WON THE ROUND.....LOL. Don who worked the scoring and target assignment table with me had her shoot a round for him....WON THAT ONE ALSO. We now have a new shooter....:D Even had her go down to the skeet shoot and do some of that...she didn't like that to well.

We start after noon tomorrow. Hope I can remember the camera this time.
A good finish for the Turkey Shoot. Good Weather and OK crowd. Skeet slacked off a bit but was OK. I shot very little today but did take a 3LB pack of bacon and the Grandson won a 50/50 shoot ( $18) and also a 3lb pack of bacon. Here are some pics:

First The Grandson with His Mossy 500 20 ga.

Second a little kid, Ollie, got the Mossy 410 youth for his birthday. Started out couldn't hit nothing, on about his 10 round...WON IT.......He's a Happy Camper.

Third Another new shooter with Leroys old Savage bolt 12 ga. It wins a lot of rounds. Leroy ( In the pic running the line today ) won some yesterday and today with it as did other people.


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