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I thought I saw 1 AM on the DVR twice last night. I quit worrying about clock reset since everything does it automatically, or at least they did till last night.:rolleyes: My alarm clock is my cell. I set the alarm for 10 AM so I wouldn't miss the Chiefs game this morning. It went off, and I turned the BR tv on to watch the game while I woke up. But nothing was right on the tube!??? No game, no NFL Today, just some lying and cheating talking heads on some news show I haven't seen in MANY years. It took my foggy brain about 30 minutes to figure it out.

Then I couldn't figure out 1) how my phone lost it's settings, and 2) how the heck to reset it. The wife got tired of hearing me bitch. She snatched it away from me, tapped on it for a few seconds, and handed it back all better. And she wants me to get a Smart phone. I'm like why? I can't even make this old Star Trek communicator to work right.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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