Two Pro-Gun Bills Headed to Congress After Recess

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by greyhawk50, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Lets see what gets snuck thru during recess
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    the current state of politics in this country, is so screwed up, that i would NOT put any faith, or hope in their actions. besides that, even IF congress and the senate passed the bills, you know that the anti-gun )(*&^^*(%^*$ in the white house WILL veto any good for Americans gun laws. if it was up to him, every single firearm in the country would be melted down, to make a 5,000 foot high statue of himself.
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    Betty Degrace.

    This has its ups and downs on reciprocity. Missouri already has agreements with 36 states (if memory serves). They're attempting to legislate what is already covered under the 2nd...but I guess if we have to spell it out for the dreaded "OTHERS"...worth a shot.

    As for "Gun-Free Zones" - Courts & Banks...begrudgingly I follow the law, but everywhere else except schools..."What does it matter?"

    I taught many subjects/courses in Aerospace Science (USAF JROTC) in high school for 9 years. Against USAF policies...I trained select cadets with the US Park Service for Living History. Did ya'll see us on TV during the 200th Anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase at Jackson Square in the Quarter in 2003? Part of the 7th. Camera's rolled early AM through mid afternoon.

    We fired 100s of charges through Brown Bess arms. BP is much more dangerous to be toting around camp fires that loaded, brass ammo. Responsibility lesson applied! We even fired vollies of "blanks" on school property in town a few times. Kids need real gun education through actual exposure, not arguments pro or con. Training & arming CCW-qualified staff will put an end to 99.9% of the Darwin Award nominees that have or might choose to make a bloody scene at a school. And how about anytime you or I are at a store standing with Mr/Mrs Goody, Two-shoes. They don't know were armed at a check-out, but will become psychologically unglued if we were carrying open and approach them (legal in MO and other states more west of here). We're all better off for it and they are to close minded to realize they too fall under any proper CCWs "area of influence" should something go wrong right before them. No charging, armed heros, just duck/cover/distance~!

    STAND OUR GROUND is the only thing to remember!
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    Good news, but keep the shields up, Mr. Sulu. The Current Occupant and his minions are following Chairman Mao's "2 steps forward, 1 step back" philosophy. They're relentless.