UltraSonic Cleaner .... does it work ?

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    Picked up a small one, Chicago Electric, 1 Pt. liquid volume, today at Harbor Freight for $32. Wanted the larger one for $82 but didn't have it and they said hardly ever do. What I really wanted to do was clean all the media dust out of the cases after tumbling.

    Didn't buy any of the Pre-packaged liquid as from what I read it WAY OVER PRICED. Made my own with 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 cup water, and a couple squirts of dish washing liquid. The small cleaner dosnt have a heat function so I used HOT water to mix the solution. Each cycle is 3 min. I loaded 50 deprimed .38 super cases in and cranked it up. Ran 3 cycles for good measure. After the 3 cycles the solution was so dirty you couldn't see thru it. Checking the cases about 15 still had dirty primer pockets.

    I dumped the dirty solution, added fresh and only put in 25 cases this time. Ran 3 cycles and all 25 were sparkling. Again changed the solution and put in 15 .243 cases. After 3 cycles all looked good.

    I then rinsed all the cases in fresh water to remove the vinegar and now they are drying in the oven at 125 deg. Adds a little more time to case prep but think I will get more consistant reloads with cases clean on the inside.
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    Spending the bucks...

    I decided I am going to get a Thumlers Tumbler. If stainless steel media is used it takes 304 hours and the cases are the brightest that can be attained. I have a sonic and it sucks. Besides, the tumbler can double as a rock polisher and that is a hobby I want to start. I will try your detergent recipe. Could be that is better stuff than the commercial stuff. The last batch of cases I cleaned were the worst I have ever done. My friend got them from the range and when I cleaned them I had to finish them off with a dry rag to get the greasy residue off them. And they still are not clean. Tumbler it is for me. No more small batches and no more dirty cases or primer pockets.

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    The Sonics don't Polish cases. Don't even get em a Little Shinney. Just cleans off the powder and residue. I still tumble mine first to get em slick and bright. I am going to change to Untreated corn cob and ditch the treated walnut tho. I will add a little car polish to the cob also. The untreated cob shouldn't leave as much crap inside the cases.

    The Stainless steel media is the way to go for a top notch clean and shine job. You might want to try adding some schreaded up newspaper or dryer towel to it also to capture the crap it cleans off if your brass is really dirty.

    The reason I tried the .38 super first is I bought it at the gun show mixed and fired, how many times I don't know or how long it had stayed out before it was gathered. Otherwise all my other brass is New factory ammo or new brass only shot by me and policed up ASAP, dosnt lay around.