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Although my deer hunting days are all but over, based on experience, these are my thoughts.

Deer can see UV colors, or as the article says, laundry detergent with whiteners. There are laundry detergents on the market that have UV Killers (or maybe just a lack of whiteners?)

Deer have very poor depth perception, but they can detect the slightest lateral movement in an instant.
In Pa., I once walked in a straight line up a logging trail from 100 yards up to about 60 yards towards a group of 4 does before they spooked and bolted.

I'm not fond of Solid Blaze Orange (although I own some). So, when it was legal, I wore the Camo Blaze Orange. To a human, I believe they are equally visible unless the orange is faded out. Then it's no good in either case. It's a personal choice so wear what is best for you.

Anyway, I'd be interested in the thoughts of others. The season will soon be upon us.
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