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USMC General's Warning and Army Ret Capt's Open Letters

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I reckon by now everyone has heard of one or more of these two gents telling it like it are...well sort of. The Gen. didn't specify why he briefed his command to ration gas and save their ammo...but I think it piggy backs on several issues.

I heard some more disturbing news from a family member that is "in the know" (let it go at that) on Tuesday. You've probably heard speculations & commentaries about the shape, rather lack there of, of our US Military. Top brass are fixing to ground most war-fighting aircraft in the active USAF or at least limit flights for training to bare bonz, nut'n much at all. FACT! How many carriers are ready for action? Where are a handful of them moored?

I also listened to a fella that heads a military assistance outfit. It's called Troops Direct. They are filling requisitions from the troops on the front lines in Afghanistan and other evil places where we have forces. DOD's forward Supply Depots have been shut down. Money is the key issue as well as the logistics in getting NEEDED supplies to the field with the long-distance garbage. Medical supplies are short. How would you feel if your family member/child was there and didn't have the basics for their job, let alone any comfort items? It's been duely noted that War is Hell, but we aren't in it to win it and our bold are be offered up for slaughter to what I consider a barbaric and lost cause. No worry though, we'll be completely out of Afghanistan in 2024!

You can take a gander at their website:

Non-profit group with 87% of donations going to supplies for the troops. May not be quite as tight as the Salvation Army with the exact amounts being actually utilized as intended, but that's pretty damn good! Take a look see. I will post on my 'fb' page and I'm sure there are many of my friends and former students that will share likewise. They've got a few corporate backer that match $$ donations with actual supplies. It's a win-win for our men and women in uniform. IF you don't feel safe or are friendly about it...I did my part to make others aware. I know things are pretty austere in A-stan from personal & face-to-face conversations with a couple of recently returned troops, which brings me to the Capt's observations in his letter to Senator Cornyn from TX.

I share the uneasy feeling about the massive DHS stockpiles/arms/apvs and the fact that the apcs are starting to be moved throughout this Republic. I'm not starting any brush fires, but I sincerely believe the IMF/NWO/ADMIN is up to ????????????? Hopefully they aren't really that crazy:confused:

I'm "RESOLVED" also to the last breath!

Oh...and what's the blip I caught about our Buffs making runs over N Korea? Folks, these are precarious times. Be vigilant. SPOON
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